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My experience in building my first gaming rig

by Michael Arsenault on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 , under

This computer above is what my first gaming rig looked like.  I became interested in building computers when I was in high school and when I began the process of putting my computer together it did not go as well as I had hoped for. I started off buying all my computer components on my three favorite sites: or .com, and  All three are very good but my top favorite would have to be Tigerdirect due to their wide selection of computer options and every day sales.  Remember that when you are buying computer components online always check other website before purchasing, some websites will have the same model for a cheaper price.  Also make sure that this component will be right for your computer in terms of compatibility, price and knowing the difference between what you want and what you'll need.  Keep in mind that more expensive doesn't always mean better, check any comments or reviews on it to get a better idea.

Anyway, after everything I needed arrived at my house, I began to get to work. A few frustrating hours of looking through instruction booklets and figuring stuff out on my own ( keep in mind, don't try to figure out how a computer works by poking around inside, you will be doing more harm than good.)  After installing the final piece I took a quick overview to make sure I didn't forget anything, I pushed the power button for my first boot-up.  I was so surprised by all the lights that suddenly turned on, but I was suddenly disappointed with a few loud beeps, indicating that something was not installed correctly.  I decided to call my friend who had a bit more knowledge than I did when it came to computers.  After he arrived he noticed many things that were out of place, SATA cables not in the right place, CPU installed incorrectly, ect. (quite embarrassing I know).  My friend decided that he would fix it for me as he saw how frustrated I was. 

My computer seemed to work okay for a while until a few weeks later I noticed a high pitch ringing sound coming from it and was performing slower sometimes locking up while playing video games.  I began to worry that the problem was when I was building that a static discharge emitted in the computer (any small static discharge can corrupt any vital computer piece making it essential to wear anti-static gloves or wristband).  Turns out my video card was faulty and I had to return it to receive a new one.  My computer has been performing adequate since then, I guess the moral of this story is to show that having more knowledge in something like this can save you many hours of frustrating work and possibly corrupting your computer hardware.  Remember that this is a learning experience, thanks for reading!   

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  • Things on my wishlist

    Nice, building your own PC is a much better deal than buying one. I built one a few years ago but ended up selling it shortly after for a laptop, didn't game as much as I though I would. Nice Post

  • Radux

    If you are careful when building a computer it's not that hard. Most of the plugs just fit one slot, so it's a bit like doing a puzzle.

  • Manuel Posadas

    haha i'm jealous. i keep reading all of these blogs of videogames my box can't run. and now YOU making a better box than i have!!!
    i'm about to go blow a few hundred bucks on goodies!

    oh btw
    in the southwest and west there's another fairly inexpensive store called fry's electronics
    great prices
    (no i don't work for them, i just know you'll like their prices)
    they are kind of like tiger direct

  • FTI

    i also have to agree that when it comes to new computers i feel its far better to build them urself than have a business do it. i find that they take less car when doing so.

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