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Tomb Raider from E3 2011

by Michael Arsenault on Saturday, June 18, 2011 , under

E3 is a reason to get excited every summer. It’s not like GDC where we get to hear the insiders story on game development, or the day to day coverage of the industry. E3 is all about seeing. That’s why E3 is the event where developers and publishers show off the most spectacular trailers and offer extensive demo footage of the next big titles you’re going to be playing. E3 2011 was packed with video footage of some of the most exciting upcoming titles, from those just around the corner like Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, to those still a long way off, such as Tomb Raider.
Of all the games I’ve seen at E3 this year, two are battling for supremacy. Naturally Battlefield 3 is one of them, but Tomb Raider is putting up a fight. Everything about it looks gorgeous; from Lara herself to the grimy environments to the outstanding flame effects. The demo was the sole impressive element of an otherwise poor show from a Kinect-obsessed Microsoft. Despite the demo not showing what I wanted to see (namely the expansive open areas of the island), it did give a good sense of the claustrophobia some of the environments will offer. Uncomfortable tension was broken by outbursts of violence, although the frantic scrambles away from the few enemies emphasise that combat may well be more of an event than a regular occurrence, which would bring a better sense of gritty realism to the normally gun-totting Miss Croft. There were some sequences of QTE, but I’m hoping that these will be nothing to worry about.
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  • Anonymous

    One of the most beautiful game trailers I ever seen! I can't wait to see game play footage of tomb raider!

  • Jim

    it's be nice to see some older games get gracious retirements, maybe a greatest hits collection, and then a nice nap for the rest of time. I'm tired of the same hashed out sequels from old franchises, did tomb raider really have any thing going for her other then digital DD's?

  • Michael Arsenault

    @Jim, you make a good point that they are still making sequels for older games and sometimes its nicer to see something new and fresh. In my opinion as long as they create an original plot and not something cliche and very good gameplay then i'm all for this game. It's all about quality!

  • prisoner art

    Great cinematography - now if only they'd spend a few bucks on the damn script ! I mean, the thing makes no sense whatsoever - she survives a shipwreck - and therefore rob tombs !? WTF ?
    I know the whole genre of comics and comic-related movies are all suspension-of-disbelief works, but come'd think they'd at least bother to make things a LITTLE bit reasonable.
    Oh well. Love the woman. What the hell.

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