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Battlefield 3 not coming to Steam?

by Michael Arsenault on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 , under

EA has reportedly published a list of digital retailers expected to distribute Battlefield 3 - with Valve's Steam platform a notable absentee.

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The list, which EA has now pulled from the internet and replaced with a fetching all white 404 error page, is said to have included the likes of Direct2Drive and GamersGate with EA's own Origin topping the list.

There has been some perceived conflict between the well established Steam platform and EA's new kid on the block, since Crysis 2 was removed from Valve's digital distributor last month.

EA's David DeMartini clarified the position saying that it was Steam's decision to remove Crysis 2 from its library, not EA's.

He also said that there had been some jarring between the two companies but dismissed it by saying that was normal in any relationship and EA intended to make its games available on as many platforms as possible.

It's not clear whether that approach will apply to Battlefield 3.

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  • Anonymous

    Lately, videogame industry is plenty of drama between companies, last I can remember was the infinity ward show.

  • prisoner art

    Totally off the subject, but do any of you play DragonAge ? I watched a bunch of their trailers, and it looked pretty damned good.
    Just curious.
    Keep up the good work, Michael.

  • PabloO

    I've never finished Dragon Age, but it's a great game. If you have the chance, play it (and if you are a fan of RPGs you will like this game even more lol ;).
    Too bad to read this news. Anyway i watched the trailers and this game looks awesome and will be my next buy.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the other posters. Although it would bring more accessibility it doesn't really matter in the end if it's turns out to be a great game.

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